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30 March 2011

Museobunny Can't Beleive It's All Over!

We've had such a wonderful three days - it really has been incredible to see the dedication of the delegates, the high quality of the presentations. Museobunny has had such a great team of helper bunnies, and such lovely guest-bunnies, that he doesn't really want them to break up and disperse. We've talked about the unconventional, the strange, the different. We've talked today about the nature of objects, the problematics of their interpretation, the relationships and power structures which develop between objects, creators and audiences. It's been a day of the other - from within and without - of other eyes and other worlds.

Wonderland is a strange and shifting place. It's a place of oddity, of difference, differance, of illogical logic and curious expressions. The museum is such a wonderland. It can be a place of make-beleive, of magic - it can be curious and cohesive, silly and scholarly, and in accepting its strangeness, whole new worlds of meaning can be figured and reformed. We've enjoyed travelling through this world with you, and we hope you've enjoyed travelling with us too. But, for the moment, we're signing off.

With bounces, jumps and tea, Museobunny sends you all his best regards. He hopes that the ephemeral Wonderland we've made will continue, even if in an altered form. So please, keep talking - and keep on hopping!

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