The permanent and official blog of the University of Leicester's School of Museum Studies PhD student conferences and special events.

21 February 2011

Registration Guaranteed

Museobunny has been receiving emails from people whose tails have been anxiously twitching about whether their registration and payment guarantees them a place. Museobunny would never take people's money and leave them in the cold! It is against his fluffy white nature! Do not worry, attending-bunnies, your registration and payment guarantees you a place, and your registration will be confirmed by one of the helper-bunnies. If we run out of spots, Museobunny will let you know right away!

14 February 2011

Conference Program

Woohoo! We have a shiny new conference program - Museobunny and all his helper-bunnies are very excited about it, so hop on over to our website and check it out.

Remember to register, or the Red Queen will have your head!