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28 March 2011

Intermission Bouncing

Well well well, that's the first morning done. The vain part of Museobunny is very pleased to have been featured in so many of the presentations - flattery will get you everywhere. Before he hops off to find a carrot, however, he thinks it's worth reflecting upon a few things. There have been a lot of common themes which have arisen throughout the morning. We've questioned authority, the authentic object, truth and representation. We've flirted with fiction, fallen down the rabbit hole, blundered into comedy, developed loves, and reflected upon loss. The quality of the presentations has been stellar, and Museobunny and his helpers are thrilled that so many wonderful people have chosen to journey with us today. Thank you for getting us off to a cracking start. We've wheted our appitite for more - and fortunately, more there certainly is!

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