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6 November 2013

Transmutation #28 - A closing plenary

We are so near the end, now. Our own Alex hopes, in this session, to share some final ideas, and things which she found interesting.

So, Alex's thoughts

-objects/buildings and agency
-how academia shapes practice and is their relationship closer than perceived
-working processes
-institutional structures
-the museum as an evolutionary model - critique, and the transformative museum
-the body in space and in relation to others
-challenging authority
-authenticity, truth and knowledge
-human rights and social change

So, on opening the floor, what can we bring out over the last couple of days.

Emily Pinkowitz notes how interesting the difference between differentiating between and grouping together cultures is, and how some people really feel passionate about one over the other.

Cintia has to convince herself that she cannot wait for a great teleological moment to happen when museums become the best thing ever; it isn't going to happen. Metamorphosis in museums should not necessarily be thought of in a biological sense of getting better but just changing.

Melissa Forstrom asks whether there were any spatial analysis of metamorphosis in museums - I can offer the work of Suzanne Macleod, and the work of people like Duncan, Wallach, and even Psarra. Eureka suggests that it is so much more interesting to talk about spaces when you have the participation of the people who made it - and she'd make a public plea to curators to keep it all, and make an archive for the future researchers.

What is kept, and what is thrown away? asks Kirstin James. It is often so down to personal choice, rather than policy.

Hopefully, Alex says, we'll be mulling these things over for days to come. Perhaps we can continue this discussion online...I'll be back in a while, maybe tomorrow or later tonight, to wrap up with some thoughts of my own. Until then, I wish you a peaceful and thoughtful night.

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