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27 March 2012

A Brief Port Before Setting Sail

Well, well - it's that time of year again, and the good ship Attic is making port in the School of Museum Studies, before we venture out to find our various Utopias! We're really excited to be here again. It's been quite a journey to get here, and we still have a number of forays to make, but hopefully, you'll come along with us happily.

Bear with this old blogger - it's been quite some time since Curiouser! But hopefully from about 10, I'll have managed to start producing for you a series of lovely things to read, ranging from discussions on human rights, to utopias which never were, utopias we imagine for ourselves, specially built utopias, and utopias yet to come. Delegates are starting to arrive, and everything is getting busy! Books are being sold, banners are going up, and I've just been given a cup of tea. All is getting set, and soon the sails will unfurl.

Come with us - for when we have all boarded, we shall strike out to seek a newer world.

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