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16 October 2011

Contest entries: time to vote!

Our contest for discounted registration was sadly under-entered. For a while, it looked as if we were going to have a de-facto winner. But we do have a choice for you, and here it is, with justifications.

1. N.M.M. nominated The Museum of Broken Relationships (represented at last year's conference) because it is

most democratic, send it your story and your object, with (hopefully) no editing of these stories. Also a wonderful travelling museum.

2. D.W., on the other hand felt that:
Surely any traditional national museum (e.g. British Museum) thinks itself utopian, presenting the nation as an ideal, and at the height of civilisation!
What do you think? Will it be a plucky little start-up museum, or an international icon? Who will get to attend the conference for a reduced rate? Go ahead and vote in the sidebar, on Facebook, or on Twitter (use the hashtag!). Voting ends at midnight on October 25.

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